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Feel safe knowing you and your loved ones are completely protected from mold, pathogens and toxins with dry fog mold remediation

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    Kill All Visible and Hidden Mold With Dry Fog

    Daytona Beach's Fastest and Most Effective Technology Against Black Mold & other Toxic Molds


    You have several options available for eliminating unsightly mold.  But only one option for eliminating mold that lives behind your walls, and in "impossible areas" to reach.  Areas where liquids and mechanical removal won't work. Some molds toxins are small enough to pass through walls, which is likely why you or other family members suffer from chronic sinus infections, inflamed asthma conditions, or other mold-related health issues.  The one solution to total restoration of your indoor air quality is our Pure Maintenance patented two-step Dry Fog process, which emits a cloud of particles much smaller than mold spores. This means you can reach and kill mold where you weren't able to before


    Toxic Free and safe, means you can leave your furniture and everything else in place. Even open the drawers in your kitchen, as our dry fog is FDA approved for food-prep surfaces.


    Our solution also creates an inhospitable environment for viruses, bacteria and mildews. You will return your home and yourself to good health, killing all micro-organisms that may be reducing your quality of life, resulting in less energy or sub-optimal health.


    You can also restore your indoor air quality in hours, not days.  On average, a complete and total home disinfection for a 2000 sq ft home takes no more than four hours. Leaving no sticky or wet residue behind. Completely removing any undesirable musty mildew, tobacco and/or cigarettes or wood-burning odors. What is left behind is a fresh, slightly vinegar-like smell that lingers for a few days at most.


    In short: minimal or no demolition to clean up, no wondering if you got it all, and less to rebuild. Have Pure Maintenance do the Initial Assessment and Mold Air Test and minimize the time and cost you will invest.  Unlike any other solution available, you will get the peace of mind that can only come from knowing that no surface will go untreated.


    The Army Corps of Engineers learned about the patented approach of Pure Maintenance Dry Fog and decided to try it. In the process, they conducted a scientific study and published the results.  Some of these can be found in an article that was written and can be found by clicking the button below.


    To learn more, watch the video below, and the video on the About page.


    For a professional estimate or any questions, feel free to text or call us any time at  386.675.0897, or book a time to speak with us by phone or in-person directly on our Calendar, at a time that is convenient for you.  Just click the "Book Online" button above.


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    However if you, or a family member or employees at your place of business are experiencing chronic health conditions that you suspect are due to mold, you can skip the form, and instead find a time on one of our Mold Expert's calendars by clicking "Schedule an Appointment" above.

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      Demolition Costs Not Required

      Save on Labor

      In the past, getting rid of mold meant a hazardous mess and time-consuming work. With Dry Fog you can for the first time now penetrate and kill mold deep into walls and other porous surfaces.

      Save Money on Mold Removal

      Save Money

      Our process is much simpler and more effective than your alternatives. You simultaneously get more surface area at your location cleansed, for A LOT less money per square foot.

      Fastest Mold Removal - Dry Fog

      Save Time

      No need to be concerned about inconvenience, or about the toxicity of the fog.  We take care of you fast and at no risk to you and pets. Your home will back to good health in just a few hours.

      Financing Available

      wisetack mold removal financing

      1. Pure Maintenance inspects your location
      2. We create a mold removal plan
      3. Then email an estimate ( which will contain a link to apply for Wisetack financing)
      4. Once the Wisetack application is complete and approved, Pure Maintenance can execute the mold removal plan

      Application takes 5 minutes and you see your options within seconds. No late fees, no prepayment fees, & no origination fees. Checking eligibility does not impact your credit score

      wisetack mold remediation financing


      Located just off of interstate 95 in Ormond Beach, we service customers as far north as Crescent Beach and as far south as Oak Hill; just south of New Smyrna Beach.  The beach communities where we have customers include Port Orange, Flagler Beach, Palm Coast Beach and everything in-between.  We often travel Interstate 4 and Highway 17 to reach our customers in Deltona, DeLand and Orange City, Florida.  If you are within 30 miles of any of these locations we will drive to you to provide you with an estimate, and for a small cost assess and test the quality of your air using an approved third-party lab.


      Other places we visit and do business include Port Orange, close to Daytona Beach Shores as well Holy Hill and Ormond-By-The-Sea,. Up against the Ocala National Forest, we service Astor, Welaka, and Crescent City, Florida.


      If you found our website but live in either the greater Jacksonville - Atlantic Beach area or south in the greater Orlando area,  you can reach our respective locations by visiting or If you are outside this area or would like to refer a family member that lives further south or in another state, we can either have a test kit sent to you, then travel out to you after you have confirmed mold. Or we will refer you to one of our mold experts from one of our nationwide locations. You can visit our corporate site at

      Mold Removal Testimonials

      I was so surprised at how fast they were able to take care of my mold problem. Was such a great choice going with this company.

      Devon J

      We are under contract for a home and we had PURE Maintenance do a mold sample of our place. The technician spent around 30 minutes inspecting the home for mold and allowed me to walk through with him while he explained things to me. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and took time to answer all of my many questions and concerns. I really love this company and will never use anyone else! After my husband and I had been sick for over a month with sinus infections and other mold symptoms, we decided to have our apartment tested for mold. Sure enough we had mold levels of 1600 in our apartment! (Normal at that time of year was 200-300). The test only took 5 minutes and conveniently fit into our busy schedule. Getting the mold treatment only took 5 hours and was done while my husband and I were both at work. It was so nice to come home to a house that smelled clean and fresh! Within days we noticed our symptoms going away. I would highly recommend this company and have already told several people about them. They are so affordable and the treatment is so quick and convenient!

      Rachelle M.

      My wife was really sick and we had her tested and she had toxic levels of mold and then we had our house tested and the mold counts were very high. This company understood how dire our situation was because my wife was so sick she started to become incapacitated so they moved the schedule up for us to treat the house earlier. They were kind helpful and answered all our questions. The first night my wife came back to the house she started to feel better. We couldn't be more happy with this company for refuting some of the false traditions in the mold industry and finding a real solution that works much better and longer and that is less expensive.

      Tyson B.


      Your Home or Business Will Have Mold Growth At Some Point in its Lifetime

      Wherever there is organic matter and air, you will find mold.  This describes every non-arid location on earth! But to multiply and emit toxins at concentration levels that will affect health, you also need at least 24 hours of persistent moisture in a poorly lit and poorly ventilated area.  A slow roof leak or a small pinhole leak in your pipes are common. It is what happens as accidents happen and homes and buildings wear out.  Mold growth for every building is only a matter of time.  A home with a poorly functioning dehumidifier in Port Orange, Florida or a Business with a crawlspace in Flagler Beach or Beverly Beach.  Perhaps a business with a sink leak in their bathroom in Barberville, or a resort hotel with decades of operations with no total cleanse ever in New Smyrna Beach.  A homeowner in Palatka, Florida, or a maintenance staff for a school in De Leon Springs experiencing windows with poor seals that allow rainwater in. An attic in Alexander Springs, Florida or Orange City or Cassadaga that has a leak.  Regardless of the cause, or location, once the root cause has been resolved, there isn't a faster, more economical way to completely kill and denature all mold than the FDA and EPA approved Pure Maintenance Mold Remediation patented system.

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